Das sagen unsere fans zu a4 cosmetics

"My skin has to go through a lot. This makes it all the more important to pay enough attention to it and provide it with daily moisturising oases. My skin is grateful, it feels well cared by A⁴ COSMETICS". 

Stephanie Stumph (Schauspielerin, Copyright Andreas Acktun)

„I LOVE your products“

Carice van Houten (niederländische Film – und Theaterschauspielerin u.a. in Game of Thrones, Inside Wikileaks)

"From the very beginning, I was not only impressed by the philosophy of A⁴ COSMETICS, but especially by the quality of the A⁴ products. My favourites are A⁴ Red Carpet Concentrate and A⁴ Night Watch." 

Christa Kinshofer (ehemalige Skirennläuferin und 3-fache Olympiamedaillen-Gewinnerin)

"Naturally young with A⁴ COSMETICS! Elvira is the best example! 

Elvira Netzer (Günter Netzer)

"The combination of first treating my face in the morning with A⁴ Enzyme Peeling Powder, rinsing it off cold and then applying and massaging my A⁴ Face Serum gives me freshness for the whole day. An indescribably wonderful feeling! 

Uschi Dämmrich von Luttitz (Fernsehmoderatorin)

"Ladies ! As a big fan of the first hour of A⁴ COSMETICS I am always surprised by the innovations of Eva Steinmeyer and her team. Look forward to the SOS Complex - a great serum with amazing effects!". 

Annette Schnell (Dr. Schnell Chemie München)

"Red Carpet Concentrate" from A⁴ COSMETICS has inspired me immensely. Every day I move on some "carpet" and try to do my best. This product helps me to look fresh and keep me radiant all day long. That is why I use Red Carpet Concentrate every day and do not wait for a special event. Life is too short to put it off until later. Do yourself some good, like me, every day with Red Carpet Concentrate. And you have plenty of time for other important things in your life. Like reading Eva's Emotion Blog! You too can enjoy your AW".

Andrea Wontorra (Antora Selection Baden-Baden)