Whether in the face or other parts of the body: Dry skin is usually very sensitive and easily irritated. It therefore needs a lot of moisture and intensive care. A⁴ COSMETICS active ingredient cosmetics not only provide dry skin with a lot of moisture, but also with important vitamins and nutrients to improve the skin's moisture retention and strengthen its natural protective functions. And not only that: If you want to strengthen your skin from the inside, you can make an important contribution with a healthy diet. So what exactly does the right care for dry skin look like?


Anyone who has dry skin knows the problem too well. Particularly in the face, it is characteristic for

  • Feelings of tension,
  • Itching,
  • Redness,
  • skin areas that feel rough.

  • In addition, in many cases an increased sensitivity to cosmetics and substances that come into contact with the skin develops. Dry skin reacts quickly to irritation - it is not uncommon for skin problems to intensify as a result.
But why does such dryness develop? On the one hand a genetic predisposition can favour dry skin in the face, on the hands and on the rest of the body, on the other hand external influences are often responsible for it: A sufficient fluid intake, care adapted to the skin type and protection against harmful or irritating substances have a decisive effect on the condition of the skin. Nutrition also plays a decisive role in dry skin.


Through food we consume important nutrients and vitamins every day, which are also important for our skin.



A⁴ COSMETICS primarily uses eco-certified argan oil, avocado oil, aloe vera and shea butter to provide dry skin with sufficient moisture and valuable care substances. In addition to external support, proper nutrition from the inside can also help soothe dry skin and stimulate its natural protective functions:

  • Fruits and vegetables such as avocado, kale or carrots maintain moisture and prevent dry skin. They contain important vitamins and antioxidants that stimulate the skin's cell metabolism and thus promote the formation of skin lipids. Especially tomatoes are a good care for dry and sensitive skin, because they protect the skin from UV damages and promote the formation of skin lipids. A tip: Cooked tomato dishes such as sauces and soups contain more valuable lycopene (antioxidant) than raw tomatoes.
  • Berries are also an important source of vitamins. B vitamins in particular have positive effects on dry skin - acai berries, strawberries, black currants and above all goji berries have a high proportion.
  • Oils such as argan oil, olive oil, rapeseed oil, linseed oil or wheat germ oil stimulate the cell metabolism of the skin, as cold pressed oils in particular are rich in vitamin E and A. They also supply the skin with essential omega-3 and omega-6 acids, which support the skin's natural protective functions.
  • Fish, such as wild salmon, mackerel or sardines, also provide omega-3 fatty acids and protect the skin from irritation. It should therefore be an important part of the diet for dry skin.
  • Meat, especially lean poultry meat as well as veal and beef, and eggs provide high-quality protein. They also provide important B vitamins, especially B5 and B12.
  • Dairy products, especially low-fat yoghurt, whey and low-fat quark, are also good sources of protein and provide important amino acids for the production of collagen. In addition to vitamins, dairy products also contain calcium - important for bones, hair and skin.
  • Grains such as oats, millet and barley contain valuable silicic acid, which stabilizes the connective tissue of the skin.
Would you like to know more about how nutrition can support dry skin? Discover more healthy foods and their natural ingredients in the A⁴ COSMETICS Well Food Table for dry and sensitive skin.

You can also find out how to conjure up delicious dishes from recommendable foods in our A⁴ COSMETICS guide Well Food "SCHÖN ESSEN!" - it not only provides valuable tips but also an overview of the biological principles.


Vitalising care for dry skin - with A⁴ COSMETICS Skin Care it can succeed: Dry skin is usually very sensitive and easily irritated. Accordingly, in addition to the right nutrition, a deeply effective supply of moisture and soothing active ingredients is important. A⁴ COSMETICS Skin Care combines herbal active ingredients such as eco-certified argan oil and avocado oil, deliberately avoiding paraffins, silicones, parabens and hormonally active chemicals. Instead, natural active ingredients ensure that your skin receives sufficient moisture and valuable care substances so that it looks healthy, vital and radiant.

The following products are particularly suitable for dry skin:

  • The A⁴ Face Cream contains moisturizing argan oil as well as avocado oil and plant active ingredients such as the enzyme papain from the papaya or botanical silicon from millet to promote skin regeneration. In addition, polysaccharides from brown algae and hyaluronic acid support the moisture binding down to the deeper skin layers - ideal for dry skin, so that it receives sufficient moisture.

  • For very dry and sensitive skin, a soothing face care oil such as Anti-Aging A⁴ Golden Face Oil is recommended. The intensive oil combines the moisturizing and antioxidant properties of argan oil and baobab oil with skin-soothing plant active ingredients - for example sea fennel, orchid and kigelia extracts. This intensively cares for the skin and strengthens its natural protective function.

  • Anyone who has dry and at the same time impure skint can also use the moisturizing emulsion A⁴ Face Delight Moisturizer instead of a facial oil, which uses the water-binding properties of betaine and hyaluronic acid in addition to moisturizing shea butter.

  • As intensive care for dry and demanding skin, A⁴ Night Watch is ideal: The high-dose anti-aging night cream contains natural ingredients and active ingredients such as bio-peptides and antioxidant extracts from green tea, garden cress or the Persian silk tree and supports the skin's own detoxification and repair mechanisms overnight
  • Dry skin should be regularly pampered with a care mask: The A⁴ Flash Delight Mask is a deeply effective moisturizing mask based on effective plant and anti-aging ingredients such as argan oil, avocado oil, aloe vera, fig and plankton extract as well as hyaluronic acid and provides an intensive moisture kick.
A tip for quick refreshment: The A⁴ Rose Dust Tonic Spray refreshes the skin and quickly supplies it with moisture.

Our conclusion: The combination of the right nutrition and products adapted to the skin type offers rich and soothing care for dry skin. Try out what's good for you - and focus on your skin.


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